June 27, 2023 | Matt Kucinski

Four men and two women in suits standing and smiling with a signed agreement in the middle.
Leaders from Handong Global University and Calvin University participate in a MOU Signing Ceremony in Pohang, South Korea.

[GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan, USA]—Calvin University has signed Memorandum of Understandings (MOUs) with two private Christian universities in South Korea. The MOUs with Handong Global University and Baekseok University represent a commitment to foster partnerships of mutual educational benefit.

Calvin’s relationship with both South Korean institutions dates back nearly two decades, with Calvin collaborating with each to foster Christian Higher Education in Korea. Wiebe Boer, president of Calvin University, says what these MOUs aim to do is build upon these established foundations.

“For many years, our institutions have mutually benefitted from our faculty and students engaging with one another, through exchanges, joint service projects, and scholarly activities,” said Boer. “What we are hoping is that these MOUs reignite these partnerships, propelling us all forward as we seek to expand the opportunities to educate future global leaders to be Christ’s agents of renewal in the world.”

The MOUs will encourage further cooperation in the areas of exchange of scholars and students, of sharing information and academic materials, cultural exchange activities, special short-term academic programs, and organization of joint research programs. They also will include invitations to conferences and workshops and provide opportunities for professional development and access to faith modules offered by The deVries Institute for Global Faculty Development at Calvin University.

“Cooperation among Christian universities will hold great significance in the future, and the partnership of Calvin University and HGU will serve as an important model,” said Dosoung Choi, president of Handong Global University.

Dosoung Choi (Handong Global University President) and Wiebe Boer (Calvin University President)
Dosoung Choi (Handong Global University President) and Wiebe Boer (Calvin University President)

“Education involves the process of transforming an individual into a person of integrity and faith, known as ‘saram-dawoon saram.’ Moral and ethical education alone is insufficient to achieve this transformation. Only through the Word of God can education truly transform individuals and invigorate their spiritual lives,” said Rev. Chang Jong-hyun, founder and president of Baekseok University. “We are thrilled to embark on this journey through the MOU, as it presents new opportunities to strengthen and expand our partnership with Calvin University. We anticipate that this agreement will enhance greater engagement and exchange in both educational and spiritual realms among students and faculty of Baekseok and Calvin University.”

Wiebe Boer (Calvin University President) and Rev. Chang Jong-hyun (Baekseok University President)
Wiebe Boer (Calvin University President) and Rev. Chang Jong-hyun (Baekseok University President)

Calvin’s partnership with Handong and Baekseok is also significant, considering that of the nearly 60 countries Calvin students hail from, South Korea represents the largest non-American student group. And the most common surname at Calvin currently is “Kim.”

About Baekseok University

Baekseok University, established in 1976, is located in Cheonan, a prosperous and rapidly growing city about 90 km south of Seoul. Currently, Baekseok University offers undergraduate and graduate programs in various fields. Each year, approximately 12,000 undergraduate and 3,000 graduate students enroll at the university. Baekseok University is founded on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, embodying the gracious proclamation, ‘The truth will set you free’ (John 8:32). Our goal is to cultivate global leaders equipped with skills, wisdom, and character, rooted in a Christian worldview. Baekseok University’s theological identity is grounded in Reformed Life Theology, which places a strong emphasis on practicing Reformed Theology. Over the past decades, Baekseok University has demonstrated outstanding performance, attracting public attention as a young and promising institution. With its increasing size and influence, Baekseok University is now emerging as one of the most prestigious Christian universities in the world.

About Calvin University

Founded in 1876, Calvin University is a top-ranked, liberal arts institution that equips its more than 3,200 students from 48 U.S. states, nearly 60 countries, and five Canadian provinces to think deeply, to act justly, and to live wholeheartedly as Christ’s agents of renewal in the world. Calvin offers 100+ majors and programs, including a growing portfolio of graduate-level offerings. Calvin students engage in intensive internships, community-based service learning, and significant research that results in publishing and presenting alongside world-class faculty. The university’s 400-acre campus is in the vibrant city of Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. Discover more at www.calvin.edu.

About Handong Global University

Handong Global University is a Christian university located in Pohang, South Korea, founded with the mission of educating global leaders with the capacity to change the world through integrity, neighborly love, and a spirit of service in Christ. With students and faculty from more than 50 countries worldwide, Handong Global University provides an optimal global community to experience cultural diversity and develop global competence.

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