December 17, 2021 | Shelly DeJong

11 Calvin University Podcasts Worth a Listen

Calvin University’s faculty and staff are hosting in-depth conversations with experts in a range of fields, including adoption, faith, politics, racism, sport, and worship. For the intellectually curious, this list is for you! Dive in and enjoy stimulating conversations and ideas with some voices you may recognize.  

  1. Adoption Roundtable with Dr. Emily Helder | A place to encounter the latest in adoption research, policy, and practice in an accessible way. | Episode Recommendation: Emily Helder, Gretchen Wrobel, and Elisha Marr: Overview of adoption in the US
  2. Antioch Podcast: Conversations about Biblical Antiracism with Dr. Michelle Loyd-Paige | A weekly recorded conversation among a multiracial team of Christian antiracism educators and friends. | Episode Recommendation: Antiracism 101 – What is Biblical Antiracism? – Part 2
  3. Coaching Trees with Coach Dave Hoger | A podcast for coaches by coaches. | Episode Recommendation: Emily Ottenhoff
  4. Diversity & Inclusion for All | This Calvin University podcast captures conversations with professors, practitioners, and people of interest who are teaching, pursuing, and engaging diversity and inclusion in inspirational and effective ways. |  Episode Recommendation: Native Americans and the Settlement of West Michigan
  5. Faith in Teaching from the Kuyers Institute for Christian Teaching and Learning | Episode Recommendation: Interview with Derek Schuurman, co-author of A Christian Field Guide to Technology for Engineers and Designers
  6. Sport.Faith.Life with Dr. Brian R. Bolt | A podcast at the intersection of sport and faith. | Episode Recommendation: 057 Would Jesus Play Pickleball?
  7. Henry Conversations with the Paul Henry Institute for the Study of Politics and Christianity | Here Professor Micah Watson talks with friends and colleagues from across the political and religious spectrum about their work and the timely and timeless issues pertaining to faith, politics, and culture. | Episode Recommendation: Jamie Skillen
  8. The January Series of Calvin University | This podcast cultivates deep thought and conversation about important issues of the day in order to inspire cultural renewal and make us better global citizens in God’s world. | Episode Recommendation: 2020 – Amber Warners “The Fierce Humility of Winning”
  9. Public Worship and the Christian Life from the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship | This podcast hosts voices from around the globe on topics related to public worship and the Christian life. | Episode Recommendation: Justo Gonzalez on the Mestizo Character of the Christian Life
  10. Refugia Podcast: a Podcast about Renewal | Host Professor Debra Rienstra interviews a different guest each week, exploring the idea of refugia from a variety of perspectives, from biology to worship to politics. | Episode Recommendation: Through Pain to Freedom: John Witvliet on Prayer, Lament, and Refugia in Worship
  11. Rewrite Radio Podcast | A podcast of the Festival of Faith & Writing, a biennial celebration of literature and belief in Grand Rapids, Michigan. | Episode Recommendation: Season 2 Review: Stories as Service


Podcast Episodes Featuring Calvin Faculty & Staff

Creating with Purpose with Artist Elaine Tolsma Harlow on Cause of Craft: Why We Create

Fossils - A Window to God’s Creation with Professors Ryan Bebej and Ralph Stearley on Language of God

Irene Kraegel on Christian Mindfulness on The Pocket Contemplative

Jennifer Holberg talks with Makoto Fujimura on The Reformed Journal Podcast

Kristin Du Mez: Love Thy Neighbor is for Wimps on The Bulwark Podcast

Kristen Du Mez Tells Me How Evangelicals Fell in Love with John Wayne on The Russell Moore Show

Loren Haarsma – When Did Sin Begin? on Bibleology

Mary Hulst on Practical Wisdom for Preaching on Resound Podcast

Mary Hulst - Beyond Sunday, Episode 3 on Open to Wonder

Mary Hulst – 3 Challenges for Young Disciples Today on Medium Talk Podcast

Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung - Deadly Sins and Their Remedies on Renovaré Podcast 

Technology, Values, and Faith with Computer Scientist Derek Schuurman on The Dolores Project

The Mindful Christian with Irene Kraegel on Mindfully Refreshed Podcast

The Problem of Heaven with Dr. Kevin Timpe on The Analytic Christian

The Reality of Our Rebellion with Dr. Rebecca DeYoung on Journeywomen

You’re so Vain: Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung on Vainglory and Glittering Vices on The Table

Here is a Spotify playlist to get you started! 

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