Get answers to questions commonly asked about the Honors Scholars program.

    What are the benefits of being an Honors Scholar?
    • Community – current students have identified the vibrant community that develops among Honors Scholars and faculty as a valuable benefit of the program
    • Innovative Interdisciplinary Coursework – complete half of your Core (general education) requirements in courses that explore intersections between disciplines, employ innovative teaching techniques, and are characterized by stimulating and thoughtful class discussions
    • Faculty Mentorship – be mentored by a faculty member in your area of study during your junior and senior years, developing the skills of a scholar in your discipline, while completing an Honors thesis or project
    • Honors Advising – learn about study abroad opportunities, prepare applications for competitive scholarships and fellowships and explore summer research opportunities with Honors advisors
    • Honors Housing (optional) – live in community with other curious and motivated students on the Honors Living-Learning Floor or in an Honors and Collegiate Scholars Cluster
    • Honors and Collegiate Scholars Events – participate in events, seminars, and trips designed for Honors and Collegiate Scholars
    • Graduate “with Honors” – receive a “with Honors” designation on your diploma and transcript, a valuable talking point for job and graduate school interviews
    Are all majors compatible with the Honors Scholars program?

    Yes! We designed the Honors Scholars program to be compatible with all majors offered at Calvin, and we are eager to build a learning community that is made up of students with diverse academic interests. The Honors Scholars community includes students majoring in engineering, history, computer science, education, Spanish, economics, art, biology, business, and more!

    What housing options are available for Honors Scholars?
    • Honors Floor – a vibrant living-learning community for 40 freshman and sophomore Honors Scholars (limited availability)
    • Honors and Collegiate Scholars Cluster – a mini-community composed of Honors Scholars and Collegiate Scholars located within a larger dorm community
    • Non-honors housing – options include other Living-Learning Communities, such as the Grassroots floor, or classic residence hall communities
    Will I be able to complete a double major, participate in varsity athletics, or study abroad while participating in the Honors Scholars program?

    Yes, but… this will require careful planning and depending upon the size of your major(s) may require summer courses and/or an additional semester of coursework. We currently have several double-majors, athletes, and students planning to study abroad in our program.