The Best of the Reformed Journal

The Best of the Reformed Journal

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  • Included in: The Reformed Journal
  • Published: December 7, 2011
  • Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.
  • Page count: 344
  • ISBN: 0802867022

The Best of the Reformed Journal

For four decades, from 1951 to 1990, The Reformed Journal set the standard for top-notch, venturesome theological reflection on a broad range of issues. With a lively mix of editorial comment, articles, and reviews, it addressed topics as diverse as the civil rights movement, feminism, the Vietnam War, South African apartheid, the plight of Palestinian Christians, and the rise of the Christian Right, all from a Reformed perspective.

In this anthology James Bratt and Ronald Wells have assembled select pieces that exemplify the Journal's position at the cutting edge of thoughtful Christian engagement with culture.


Iain R. Torrance
-- Princeton Theological Seminary
"A distance of twenty years allows us to see the enormous influence and sheer integrity of The Reformed Journal. These landmark essays enabled Reformed Christians to navigate issues even more challenging and explosive than those we face today. What a gift this collection is!"

Mark A. Noll
-- University of Notre Dame
"The Reformed Journal, which was once a tonic for serious readers, makes a much welcomed reprise in this splendid anthology. Jim Bratt and Ron Wells are the luckiest ones for getting to read all forty years of the magazine, but all who take up their selection of oldies but goodies will be amply rewarded as well. Sober (and not so sober) cultural analysis, solid theology worn lightly, whimsy and occasional touches of angst, literary insight, and a few moments of insider Dutch baseball -- once again, it’s all here."

Nicholas Wolterstorff
-- Yale University
"The contributors to The Reformed Journal were astoundingly omnivorous in what they selected for comment and opinion from a Reformed perspective. And their writing was superb -- always perceptive, often surprising, now and then whimsical, often sharply critical but never mean-spirited, breathing a generous spirit and a relaxed orthodoxy -- the progressive, theologically serious Reformed tradition at its finest. This collection is a sparkling jewel, worth coming back to again and again."


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