New Life from Ancient Texts

New Life from Ancient Texts

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  • Included in: Practically Human: College Professors Speak from the Heart of Humanities Education
  • Published: May 18, 2012
  • Publisher: Calvin College Press
  • Page count: 172
  • ISBN: 1937555038
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New Life from Ancient Texts

If you are a student wondering what to study in college, this book is for you. It invites you to seek out the practical benefits of studying literature, language, the arts, history, religion, and philosophy.

 These disciplines - known collectively as the humanities - will teach you to analyze complex social dynamics, articulate good arguments, and apply the hard-won wisdom of the past to new and challenging situations.


“The intellectual insights offered in this book are what we would expect from members of Calvin College's world-class faculty. What we also get, however, is some marvelous storytelling about personal scholarly pilgrimages. A must-read for people who need to be convinced of the value of Christian liberal arts education. And a fine refresher course for those of us who are already convinced!”

- Richard Mouw
President and Professor of Christian Philosophy

Fuller Theological Seminary

“The humanities are dying, or so we’re told.  These authors enliven them with stories, examples, and images that nourish the mind and soul.  They challenge us to expand our humanity—to think more deeply, to listen more carefully, to see more astutely, and to empathize more profoundly.”

- Perry L. Glanzer
Associate Professor of Educational Foundations
Baylor University

“This book explores multiple paths on which faculty members engage students in a distinctive calling to learn. The authors are seasoned educators who describe how beliefs, ideas, and joy should intersect in robust undergraduate education.  What an encouragement to choose an educational journey where faith, mind, heart, and service grow together!”

- Shirley Roels
Network for Vocation in Undergraduate Education

Council of Independent Colleges



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