Lightcurve Analysis of a Magnitude Limited Asteroid Sample

Basic information

  • Editors:
    • Lawrence Molnar
  • Included in: The Minor Planet Bulletin
  • Published: January 1, 2008


"Lightcurve Analysis of a Magnitude Limited Asteroid Sample", Lawrence A. Molnar, Melissa J. Haegert, Christopher N. Beaumont, Marjorie J. Block, Timothy H. Brom, Andrew R. Butler, Peter L. Cook, Allyson G. Green, Joshua P. Holtrop, Kathleen M. Hoogeboom, Jason J. Kulisek, Jonathan S. Lovelace, Jeffery S. Olivero, Achyut Shrestha, Jessie F. Taylor, Kenneth D. Todd, John D. Vander Heide, and Samuel O. Van Scoter, The Minor Planet Bulletin, volume 35, pages 9-12 (2008 January).



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