Interpretation of Scripture: Theory

Interpretation of Scripture: Theory

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  • Included in: Victorine Texts in Translation (VTT 3)
  • Published: March 27, 2012
  • Publisher: Brepols Publishers
  • Page count: 557
  • ISBN: 2503534600

Interpretation of Scripture: Theory

Starting from the theory of scriptural interpretation elaborated by Hugh of St Victor, the Augustinian Canons of twelfth-century St Victor in Paris were leading theorists and practitioners of scriptural exegesis. This volume contains translations of the exegetical theories elaborated in Hugh of St Victor's (d. 1141) Didascalicon, On Sacred Scripture and its Authors, The Diligent Examiner, and On the Sacraments (prologues); Andrew of St Victor's (d. 1175) prologues to select commentaries; Richard of St Victor's (d. 1173) Book of Notes and Apocalypse commentary; Godfrey of St Victor's Fountain of Philosophy; Robert of Melun's Sentences; and the anonymous Speculum on the Mysteries of the Church.

The editors of this volume are Franklin T. Harkins (PhD, Notre Dame; Theology Dept. Fordham University), author of Reading and the Work of Restoration: History and Scripture in the Theology of Hugh of St Victor (2009) and Frans van Liere (PhD, Groningen; Dept. of History, Calvin College), editor of Andrew of St Victor’s commentaries on Samuel and Kings (1996 ; ET 2010) and on the Twelve Prophets (2007, with Mark Zier) (Corpus Christianorum, Continuatio Mediaevalis), and author of a recent book on the Bible in the Middle Ages.

The paperback edition was published in February 2013.


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