Envisioning a Culture of Community Data Sharing

Envisioning a culture of community data sharing cover image

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  • Author(s):
    • Neil Carlson, PhD
  • Published: March 24, 2017
  • Publisher: Calvin College Center for Social Research
  • Page count: 52
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Envisioning a culture of community data sharing cover image

A collective impact, culture-of-trust approach to building collective impact's data systems.

Given a complex voluntary environment with disparate partnership requirements, how can stakeholders in collective impact initiatives design and build interoperable community data systems to achieve alignment of social and educational service systems, enabling a clearer, better-resourced path to economic prosperity for all children in Kent County?

In this report, KConnect proposes that collective impact stakeholders apply collective impact's logic to collective impact data systems. We should apply thought and effort to the development of a Community Data Trust (CDT)--or a similarly named entity. The CDT would be a permanent governance and support structure to coordinate and facilitate data sharing and shared measurement in Kent County.

Read more about the Community Data Trust concept on the Center for Social Research site.


Carlson, Neil. 2017. “Envisioning a culture of community data sharing: A vision for Kent County, Michigan from KConnect and its stakeholders.” Available from https://calvin.edu/directory/publications/envisioning-a-culture-of-community-data-sharing. Grand Rapids, MI: Calvin College Center for Social Research.


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