An Introduction to the Medieval Bible

An Introduction to the Medieval Bible

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  • Published: March 31, 2014
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  • ISBN: 0521684609

An Introduction to the Medieval Bible

This Introduction includes a thorough treatment of the principles of medieval hermeneutics, and a discussion of the formation of the Latin bible text and its canon. It will be a useful starting point for all those engaged in medieval and biblical studies.

The Middle Ages spanned the period between two watersheds in the history of the biblical text: Jerome's Latin translation c. 405 and Gutenberg's first printed version in 1455. The Bible was arguably the most influential book during this time, affecting spiritual and intellectual life, popular devotion, theology, political structures, art, and architecture. In an account that is sensitive to the religiously diverse world of the Middle Ages, Frans van Liere offers here an accessible introduction to the study of the Bible in this period. Discussion of the material evidence - the Bible as book - complements an in-depth examination of concepts such as lay literacy and book culture.


"[W]ell-produced, affordable, thoughtful, and engaging ... [T]his is the work of a scholar who knows his stuff and can convey it clearly to an audience outside of his specialty. That's a treasure. Buy this book. Use it in your teaching. Use it in your research too. Do it now."
--The Medieval Review

"[A] splendid book that should attract readers well beyond its target audience of biblical and medieval history students ... [A]s van Liere convincingly shows, medieval scholars have numerous lessons to teach present audiences who are willing to listen. A wide variety of libraries, from general to academic, should purchase this volume and try to alert users to the many delights it offers."

"This book is full of treasures for both students and scholars alike. The former will be introduced to the medieval Bible and its interpretive traditions, which lamentably have become a lost world in the curricula of biblical and theological studies. The latter will be confronted with fresh ideas which will spark new avenues for thinking about the reception history of the Bible in the Latin tradition."
--Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society


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