Publicity Policy

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  • Issued: November 2, 2016
  • Last updated: October 5, 2017

Calvin's official policy regarding the submission and approval, placement, size and duration of event posters and other various publicity items on various campus bulletin boards.

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Student Life encourages creative and effective promotion of campus sponsored events. We also recognize that the campus is a shared space and want to respect the community space as a shared space. These policies attempt to clarify many of the frequent situations that groups encounter. It is also not possible to have a policy for every situation. When in doubt please stop by the Campus Involvement and Leadership Office for clarity on procedures.

General Policies

  • Only members of officially-recognized Calvin University student clubs/organizations, Calvin University departments, and offices are allowed to publicize events on campus
  • All posters, flyers, leaflets, chalking, and other postings must clearly state the name(s) of the sponsoring organization(s).
  • All advertising must comply with Calvin University standards and procedures
  • Violators of the publicity policy may be fined and have their publicity privileges suspended
  • Approval of publicity is not reflective of Calvin University endorsement of the event or messages
  • Exemptions to this policy may be approved by the Associate Dean of Campus Involvement and Leadership upon request

Posters and Flyers/Handouts

  • Posters may range in size, but should not be larger than 11"x17". Variations in poster design is allowed, but max quantity for event is as follows:
    • 8.5”x11” (or smaller): 40 poster limit
    • 11”x17” inches: 20 poster limit
  • Posters may be displayed on bulletin boards throughout campus for 14 days from the "desired start date" on your submission form. If you want your posters up through the date of your event, please note that in your submission form if you are sending them for approval earlier than 14 days.
  • Physical Plant, faculty and other staff members will enforce the policies. Students may not remove publications without one of the above listed enforcer’s approval
  • Flyers must not be larger than 8.5"x11" in total area and at least one must be stamped after approval. You should keep the stamped flyer on-hand when handing out
  • Flyers may be handed out to students personally, but may not be put on parked cars or left in piles around campus
  • You must get approval from Residence Life before inserting flyers in student mailboxes

Dining Hall Table Toppers

  • Size for table toppers are standard 4"x6"
  • Quantity is limited to 50 at a time between both dining halls
  • All dining hall table toppers must be approved by the Campus Involvement and Leadership Office
  • One will be stamped and given to Creative Dining staff as notification of approval
  • Table topper will only be approved for one week, lasting from Monday-Sunday and only 2 table toppers will be approved at the same time
  • A calendar in the Campus Involvement and Leadership Office will reserve table topper spaces


  • Chalking is allowed only on sidewalks and building landings that are not covered by a roof or overhang
  • Chalk may not be applied to:
    • Building walls or vertical surfaces
    • Interior of any building
    • Under overhangs of any buildings (any place rain does not directly hit is a good rule of thumb to remember)
    • Any other university property (offsite or private residence)
  • All chalk used must be washable "sidewalk" chalk
  • You must register your words via the online form 
  • Chalking is approved for 7 days and is removed on a weekly basis according to the Facilities (Physical Plant) washing schedule
  • You must submit another request once your chalk has been removed even for the same event

Banners, External Signs and A-frames

  • All forms of large scale signs must be approved and be consistent with university policies
  • A-Frames may only be used for up to 48 hours
  • Banners may not be hung from the exterior or draped from a window or doorway of any residential building
  • Locations of large scale signs must be approved by the Campus Involvement and Leadership Office. Under certain circumstances physical plant or other offices may be required for approval
  • Banners violating policies and procedures will be discarded
  • If banners are not removed 24 hours after the event organizations may be charged for removal. University staff is not responsible for saving any banner


  • Painting is only allowed on the rock (located by KE apartments)
  • Painting windows within residence hall common spaces is only allowed when advanced permission is granted by the Office of Residence Life 
  • Painting anywhere else on campus is a violation and will result in a $300 fine, as well as a referral to the Office of Student Conduct

General Campus Bulletin Board

General campus bulletin boards are intended for use by student organizations, university departments and offices for publications concerning Calvin sponsored events. Departmental and permanently reserved bulletin boards (i.e. Religion, Financial Services) are not for general display. All postings from Calvin University organizations, departments, and offices must be approved by the Campus Involvement and Leadership Office prior to posting on general campus bulletin boards.

Process for Approval

  1. Sponsoring organizations should submit their requests via the online form with an attached copy of their publication they intend to advertise. This includes; posters, flyers, banners, and external signs. Chalk words need to be recorded in the text box provided.
  2. Requests will be reviewed by the Campus Involvement and Leadership Office. An approval or a denial will be emailed within 24 hours of the "desired start date" on the submission form.
  3. You then will need to bring your publications (in exception to chalk) to the Campus Involvement and Leadership Office (Commons Annex 121) along with your approval letter. Once you show you’ve been approved you will stamp your own posters at the Front Desk and you may begin hanging them on the designated bulletin boards across campus.

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Community Bulletin Boards

Posters concerning events that are not sponsored by Calvin departments or organizations can only be posted on the two “community” bulletin boards located in the entrance to Johnny’s Café and immediately outside the Campus Store.

Residence Hall Bulletin Boards

Posters concerning Residence Life events may only be on bulletin boards and brick work in residence halls and apartment lobbies, and they need to be approved by Residence Life staff. Any sort of mailing for student mailboxes need to be approved by Residence Life and Campus Involvement & Leadership.

Departmental Bulletin Boards

University employees may post articles and announcements outside of their offices or on their office doors. These articles/announcements do not need to be stamped. Academic departments may set their own policies for bulletin boards in their departments.


Approved by Campus Involvement and Leadership Office: October 2016

Effective Date: November 14, 2016



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