Intramural Floor Hockey

Basic information

Rules and policies applying to floor hockey teams and players.

h3>Game Duration

The game is two 20 minute halves with a 5 minute halftime. If tied after regulation, there will be a best of five player shootout.


Each team should have one goal tender and 4 players on the floor


The game begins with a face off on the center spot.

The ball must be shot into the net with a stick or bounce in any way other than being thrown in or kicked in.

Goaltenders ought to wear masks.

No offside rule or icing rule applies to floor hockey.

Players may only use intramural provided sticks. No outside sticks are allowed.

The hockey BALL is used which is usually orange in color and somewhat hard.

Two nets are used and placed 6-10 feet away from the end walls, allowing for players to go behind the net during play.

Goaltenders may use a different type of stick (supplied by intramural staff) if they wish and are permitted to handle the ball with a glove to stop the play.



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