Fundraising Policy

Basic information

  • Approved by:
    • Student Development
  • Last updated: October 16, 2017

The Development Office, under the direction of the President and Board of Trustees, is responsible for fundraising for Calvin University. Fundraising priorities are determined by the Planning and Priorities Committee.

To foster donor relationships, to preserve integrity in fundraising, and to promote sensitivity to the University’s constituencies, Calvin University promulgates the following guidelines for faculty, staff, and students seeking financial support for any university activities.

  • No individuals, foundation, non-profit group (excepting church congregations), and any for-profit organization may be solicited for cash or non-cash donations by any faculty member, academic department, staff member, student organization, student, or Calvin group who identifies itself or the solicitation as connected in any way to Calvin University unless the project has been approved by the President’s Cabinet.
  • Anyone seeking permission to conduct university related fundraising activities off campus should submit a written proposal with appropriate endorsement, which includes a plan for fundraising, to the Vice President for Advancement who shall bring the proposal to the President’s Cabinet for approval. Proposal endorsement for the following areas must be secured from:
    • Faculty Activities – Department Chair
    • Music Activities – Department Chair
    • Athletics – Atheletic Director
    • Service-Learning Projects – Director of Service-Learning
    • Residence Hall Activities – Director of Residence Life
    • Student Organizations – Campus Involvement and Leadership
  • Endorsed proposals should show that the activity to be funded 1) falls clearly within the university’s mission statement; and 2) augments the requestor’s educational experience. Any questions should be directed to the Vice President for Advancement.

On-campus fundraising sales of sundry goods (e.g., poinsettias, pizzas, subs, candy bars) or solicitations of activity-based pledges for support (e.g., walk-a-thons) for university-related causes requires prior approval by the Vice President for Advancement. Requests to conduct these activities must be submitted in writing to the Vice President for Advancement at least one week in advance (note: approval from Student Life must be completed prior to this).

Fundraising projects sponsored by students and directed toward the Calvin community exclusively require the approval of Student Senate. Requests to conduct these activities must be submitted in writing to Student Senate at least three weeks in advance. Student Senate must approve 2-3 projects per year. Similar to the process outlined in Section III above, Student Senate must solicit approval from the Office of Campus Involvement and Leadership and the Vice President for Student Life before soliciting approval from the Vice President of Advancement at least one week in advance.

On-campus fundraising for non-Calvin causes will not normally be permitted on university time or using university resources (e.g. distribution of solicitations by email, posters, mailing lists, ICM) except through “Calvin Deals.”

Students needing financial assistance for travel expenses connected to off-campus interim and/or semester programs should contact the Financial Aid Office for available resources.

A donor may not designate a contribution for a particular student or employee of the university. The university will not issue a charitable receipt for such a designated contribution. Such transfer of monies will be considered personal gifts, not charitable contributions.

Appeals to reconsider a denial to fundraise by the Vice President for Advancement should be made in writing to the President’s Cabinet via the Assistant to the President.

Any violation of the above guidelines will be referred to the appropriate judicial body and process with such sanctions as shall be deemed appropriate by that governing body.


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