Financial Aid Enrollment Requirements

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How the number of credit hours you take affects your financial aid.

For purposes of financial aid, students are classified as full time, three quarter time, half time or less than half time. The number or credit hours required for each enrollment status is as follows:

Enrollment Status Undergraduate Graduate
Full time 12 or more 8 or more
Three quarter time 9 to 11 6
Half time 6 to 8 4
Less than half time less than 6 less than 4

Students who enroll less than full-time but at least half-time are eligible for aid in most programs. In most cases, the amount of aid will be reduced based on the student’s enrollment status.

Eligibility for students enrolled less than half time is limited to the Federal Pell Grant, which is available for those who meet the federal need criteria.

If you withdraw from courses or plan to attend less than full time and wish to know how this will affect your aid, you are encouraged to contact Financial Aid.



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