Emergency Liaison Policy

Basic information

The Emergency Liaison is the primary communications link between Campus Safety and all building occupants within the department related to weather emergencies, building evacuations and other disasters. The Emergency Liaison is responsible for making sure that staff, faculty, students and guests have information about where the shelter area and designated gathering place is for the department.

The department Emergency Liaison is a person designated within each department who works full time on campus, has broad knowledge about the people who work in the department (including access to absence, schedule and contact information), and naturally plays a central role in department activities. This role will most likely be filled by the department Administrative Assistant, but could be filled by the Director, Chair or another qualified individual. This assignment will not rotate since longevity is helpful and qualifications are so specific. Each Emergency Liaison must have another Emergency Liaison to cover in case of absence. Each Emergency Liaison will be issued a high-visibility vest that is to be worn during emergencies so that he or she is quickly identifiable. In some cases, several small departments will be represented by only one Emergency Liaison.

Emergency Liaison Role during Emergencies:

During a building evacuation, the Emergency Liaison will inform other faculty and staff to walk quickly through the department to verify that everyone is leaving. Then the Emergency Liaison proceeds to the designated gathering place. As employees and students arrive at the gathering place, they are to report any issues of concern to the Emergency Liaison. Campus and Public Safety personnel will check with Emergency Liaisons for evacuation status reports and will notify Emergency Liaisons when buildings are cleared for reentry.

Whenever a tornado watch is issued, Campus Safety will contact Emergency Liaisons via the Emergency Notification System to advise that a watch is in effect. The Emergency Liaison will contact individuals and groups occupying departmental spaces to notify them of the watch. During a tornado warning the Emergency Liaison will also instruct occupants to proceed to their designated shelter area.

Reporting Relationship:

Department Chairs and Directors are responsible for assigning persons (preferably full time) to be designated Emergency Liaisons for their departments. Campus Safety is to be notified of Emergency Liaison selections or of any changes in liaisons.


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