Bruce Dice Mineralogical Museum

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  • Bruce Dice Mineralogical Museum
  • North Hall
  • 1740 Knollcrest Circle SE
  • Grand Rapids, MI 49546-4403
42.931454 -85.5889
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Bruce Dice Mineralogical Museum has a rotating display of more than 300 unique mineralogical specimens collected from around the world. It includes gold nuggets, copper leaves, 100-million-year-old fossils and an interactive ultraviolet case.

Winner of the 2013 American School and University Outstanding Design for Exhibition Space/Galleries award, this unique space designed by GMB a+e has attracted over 8,000 visitors since its opening in November, 2012. Come see our new exhibits of Michigan rocks, minerals and fossils, and Minerals of the Bible.


Informal tours are offered during all open hours, and educational lectures by faculty and/or staff are available by request. For a formal tour or if you are a group wanting to visit, please call the museum or email Professor Renee Sparks ( to schedule an appointment.

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Mr. Bruce Dice '48 Bruce Dice, a 1948 Calvin alumnus and geologist from Houston, Texas, has been an avid rock and mineral collector for as long as he can remember. From childhood digging in his backyard, to spelunking in mines in New Zealand and Mexico, Dice has practiced the art of mineral collecting.

During the last 30 years, Dice has invested considerable time and effort into improving his exquisite collection. World-wide travels provided him opportunities to acquire rare and valuable samples. One of his favorite minerals on display is a sample of Crocoite, an unusual and rare lead chromate (PbCrO4) which forms into orange, tabular crystals. The museum’s specimen was obtained from a small, family owned mine in Australia.

Through the years Dice has worked to improve the variety and quality of minerals in the collection. Recent purchases included a suite of stunning fluorescent specimens from Franklin, New Jersey.

Nevertheless, he felt something was missing: “I decided it was time to share … so [the collection] went to the love of my life — Calvin College.” A short time later, his mineral collection was delivered to professional museum staff for mounting, photographing, appraisal and documentation. Back at Calvin, faculty, staff, and students were enthusiastic when construction broke ground in March of 2012. A new addition to North Hall was erected, and over 300 mineral, meteorite, and fossil specimens were relocated to their new home on Calvin’s campus.

Both Dice and those at Calvin University agree that the collection is a magnificent way to marvel at God’s creation. With time, the museum will continue to change as new specimens are displayed from acquisitions and storage, thereby offering fresh displays of God’s handiwork to be enjoyed time and again.

Quick Facts
  • 300+

    unique mineral and fossil specimens

  • 100 million

    age of a fossilized octopus in years

  • 6.8-ounce

    gold nugget

Summer Hours
Limited Hours. Requests should be made a week in advance. Closed Holidays.
Contact Dr. C. Renee Sparks for more information at

Regular Semester Hours
Monday, Thursday, Friday
12:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Thanksgiving Break
Christmas Break and Interim
Spring Break


Visitor parking is available in Lots 4 and 5, just west of North Hall and the Engineering Building.

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