Suzanne McDonald


  • University of Western Australia, BA (Hons), English Literature & French (1993)
  • University of Oxford, MPhil, English Literature (1996)
  • University of Cambridge, MA, Theology, 2003
  • University of St Andrews, PhD, dissertation on the doctrine of election (2006)


Music, birdwatching, trying to find time to read something other than theology—novels and poetry top the list when I do!

Academic interests

  • systematic and historical theology, particularly the Reformed tradition from the 16th and 17th centuries
  • contemporary currents in biblical theology / the theological interpretation of scripture and how it can enrich the way we do Reformed theology today


"Barth's 'Other' Doctrine of Election in the Church Dogmatics," International Journal of Systematic Theology, Vol 9:2 (2007): 134-147

"The Pneumatology of the 'Lost' Image in John Owen," Westminster Theological Journal, 71, no. 2, (Fall 2009): 323-35

Re-Imaging Election: Divine Election as Respresenting God to Others and Others to God, (Eerdmans, 2010)

"Calvin's Theology of Election and its Reception: Modern Reception and Contemporary Possibilities," in J. Todd Billings and I. John Hesselink, eds, Calvin's Theology and Its Reception: Disputes, Developments and New Possibilities (Westminister John Knox Press, forthcoming, 2011)

"Evangelical questioning of election in Barth: a pneumatological perspective from the Reformed heritage," in Clifford Anderson & Bruce McCormack, eds, Karl Barth and American Evangelicalism: Friends or Foes? (Eerdmans, forthcoming).

"Beholding the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ: John Owen and the 'reforming' of the beatific Vision," in Kelly Kapic & Mark Jones, eds, John Owen Today (Ashgate, forthcoming).

Professional services

  • book reviews editor for the International Journal of Systematic Theology since 2008

Professional associations

  • member of the American Academy of Religion; steering committee member for the AAR Reformed Theology and History Group

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