Robert Hoeksema

Robert Hoeksema


BSLE, Calvin College, 1976
BSCE, University of Michigan, 1976
MSCE, University of Michigan, 1978
Ph.D., University of Iowa, 1984


Dr. Hoeksema is a Civil Engineer with interests in hydraulics, hydrology, and water resources. He has done research applying geostatistical techniques to estimation problems in the subsurface. This work has been done for Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the Netherlands Institute of Applied Geosciences - TNO. He has also taught short courses in applied geostatistics for the International Groundwater Modeling Center (located at the Colorado School of Mines). He currently provides professional services for Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr and Huber, Inc.

Academic interests

Dr. Hoeksema has written several publications and gives frequent talks on the history of flood protection and land reclamation in the Netherlands. His book, Designed for Dry Feet: Flood Protection and Land Reclamation in the Netherlands, was published by ASCE Press in April 2006. He is a member of ASCE and has written papers for publication in Water Resources Research and Advances in Water Resources. He has written a book called Designed for Dry Feet: Flood Protection and Land Reclamation in the Netherlands (ASCE Press, April 2006). In 2008 he received the ASCE Civil Engineering History and Heritage Award. For full story, Click Here.

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Dutch Landscapes -- Interim Course

Prof. Hoeksema has offered this interim course every other January.

Research and scholarship


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