Matthew Lundberg

Matthew Lundberg


  • Calvin College, BA
  • Calvin Theological Seminary, MTS
  • Princeton Theological Seminary, PhD (2005)


  • Christian Theology (131)
  • History of Christian Theology II (244)
  • Holy Spirit and Church (234)
  • Theological Ethics (332)


Matt Lundberg is director of the de Vries Institute for Global Faculty Development and professor of Religion at Calvin University. In his de Vries Institute role, he administers Calvin’s Faith & Learning Fellowship program for newer faculty members and works with David I. Smith on an online faculty development curriculum entitled “Reflecting Faith: Resources for Christians in the Academy”. He has taught a range of courses at Calvin in systematic theology, history of doctrine, and Christian ethics, and has served the Christian Reformed Church for 13 years in Faith & Order ecumenical dialogue. Lundberg is author of Christian Martyrdom and Christian Violence (Oxford University Press, 2021) and co-author of An Introduction to Christian Theology (Cambridge University Press, 2nd edition forthcoming in 2022).

Academic interests

  • systematic theology
  • faculty development
  • theology and martyrology
  • original sin
  • repentance and reconciliation


An Introduction to Christian Theology (co-authored with Richard J. Plantinga and Thomas R. Thompson), 2nd ed. (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2022).

Christian Martyrdom and Christian Violence: On Suffering and Wielding the Sword (New York: Oxford University Press, 2021). 

“Race and the Orders of Violence: Applying the Just War Tradition to Racialized Violence,” Journal of Ecumenical Studies 54, no. 3 (Summer 2019): 381-399.

Thinking Theologically about Mass Incarceration: Biblical Foundations and Justice Imperatives (co-edited with Antonios Kireopoulos and Mitzi J. Budde) (Mahwah, NJ: Paulist Press, 2017).

“The Logic and Limits of the Free Will Argument: An Eschatological Reconsideration,” Modern Theology 32 no. 2 (April 2016): 170-186. 


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