Loren Haarsma

Loren Haarsma


  • BS physics and mathematics, Calvin College, 1985
  • MS physics, University of Washington, 1987
  • PhD physics, Harvard University, 1994

    Professional experience

    • Associate professor, Calvin College, 1999–present
    • Post-doctoral research in neuroscience, University of Pennsylvania, 1997–1999
    • Post-doctoral researcher in neuroscience, Tufts University, 1994–1997.

    Academic interests

    I teach all areas of undergraduate physics, with a particular interest in quantum mechanics and biophysics. I also study issues at the intersection of science and Christian faith.

    Learn more about my latest book here: http://bakerpublishinggroup.com/books/when-did-sin-begin/406831

    When Did Sin Begin cover.jpg

    Research and scholarship

    Electrophysiology; computer modeling of self-organized complexity; science-and-Christian-theology

    I use a technique called electrophysiology to attach tiny electrodes to cells and measure the flow of electrically charged ions through the membranes of living cells. Working with collaborators, I have several ongoing projects. One recently completed project with John Ubels (Biology) studied how high levels of potassium ions in tear fluid helps project cells on the surface of the eye from UV damage, and investigated the early steps of how UV radiation damages these cells. A new project with Paul Harper (Physics) will use ion channels in artificial lipid membranes to study the biophysics of lipid molecules

    I am currently working on a book project on human evolution and the doctrine of original sin.



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    Science and Christian Faith

    Loren Haarsma speaks and writes about the relationships between science and Christian faith.

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