Kevin R den Dulk

Kevin den Dulk


A native Californian, Kevin den Dulk earned his bachelor of arts degree in philosophy at Calvin College in 1992.  After a brief stint in a corporate law firm, he completed his M.A. in political science at the University of Georgia (1995) and his Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin at Madison (2001).  In 2001, he took a position in the Department of Political Science at Grand Valley State University, and later added a joint appointment as Honors Faculty-in-Residence.  He returned to Calvin as the Spoelhof Teacher-Scholar-in-Residence during the 2011-2012 academic year.  In 2012 he became the Executive Director of the Henry Institute for the Study of Christianity and Politics and is currently the Paul B. Henry Chair in Political Science.  He also serves as the departmental chair.


Recent Activities

Professor den Dulk is the co-author or co-editor of several books, as well as numerous articles, book chapters, and occasional pieces.  He is currently working on two large projects: (1) an examination of the role of churches in addressing religious persecution around the world; and (2) a grant-funded exploration of the effects of state educational policy on private schools.  He is active in various community-based activities, including fostering better civic education in local schools.  He serves on the board of the Michigan Center for Civic Education.


Gardening, travel, fly fishing, hiking, working on his money pit

Academic interests

Religion and politics cross-nationally; religious freedom; American politics and policy; public law and courts; political theory

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Office hours


Additional open hours and appointments can be arranged, on request.

Research and scholarship


  • “Religion and Rights Development in China.” In Christianity in Chinese Public Life: Religion, Society, and the Rule of Law, eds. Joel Carpenter and Kevin R. den DulkNew York: Palgrave. 2014.
  • "Religion, Volunteering, and Educational Setting: The Effect of Youth Schooling Type on Civic Engagement" (with Jonathan Hill). Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 52 (1): 179-97. 2013.
  • Religion and Politics in America: Faith, Culture, and Strategic Choices. 5th ed. (co-author with Robert Booth Fowler, Allen D. Hertzke, and Laura R. Olson). Boulder: Westview Press. 2013.
  • “George W. Bush, Religion, and Foreign Policy: Personal, Global, and Domestic Contexts” (with Mark Rozell). Review of Faith and International Affairs 9 (4): 71-82. 2011.
  • The Disappearing God Gap? Religion and the 2008 Elections (co-author with Corwin Smidt, Bryan Froehle, James Penning, Stephen Monsma, and Douglas Koopman). New York: Oxford Univ. Press. 2010.
  • Pews, Prayers, and Participation: Religion and Civic Responsibility (co-author with Corwin Smidt, James Penning, Stephen Monsma, and Douglas Koopman). Washington, D.C.: Georgetown University Press. 2008.

In the news

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