Johnathan Bascom


  • Completed a BS at Kansas State University, 1980
  • Earned an MA from Kansas State University, 1982
  • Received his PhD in geography from the University of Iowa, 1989.
  • Taught at East Carolina University for 11 years
  • Joined the GEO department in 2000

Current teaching

  • World Regional Geography (Geog 110)
  • Geography of the Global Economy (Geog 230)
  • Geography of Africa (Geog 242)
  • Introduction to Development Studies (Ids 201)

Recent Interim Courses

  • Ethiopia - Communities of Hope
  • Leadership, Geography and Culture in Kenya


Professional experience

Professor Bascom taught at East Carolina University for 11 years before joining the GEO department at Calvin in 2000. Twice he has been a visiting lecturer at University of Asmara, and he was once a Research Fellow at Oxford University.

Academic interests

  • Developing regions
  • Economic geography
  • Refugees and internally displaced persons
  • Geographic pedagogy


  • Bascom, Johnathan and Laura VanderNeut, 2008. Banking on Community: Indigenous Credit Associations in Eritrea,
    African Geographical Review, 27:17 - 33.
  • Dixon, Deborah, Leo Zonn and Johnathan Bascom. 2008. Post-ing the Cinema: Reassessing Analytical Stances toward
    a Geography of Film. In The Geography of Cinema - A Cinematic World, Chris Lukinbeal and Stefan Zimmermann (eds),
    25 - 47. Stuttgart: Franz Steiner.
  • Bascom, Johnathan. 2008. Book Review - Repatriation, Integration or Resettlement: The Dilemmas of Migration among
    Eritrean Refugees in Eastern Sudan. By Sadia Hassanen. Journal of Refugee Studies. 21(3):412 - 414. (doi:10.1093/jrs/

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