Joe Budnick

Joe Budnick


BA, Grand Valley State University, Psychology 

MA, Western Michigan University, Counseling Psychology 

Professional experience

My career as a helping professional includes a variety of volunteer adventures in local organizations such as Kent County Community Mental Health, Visiting Nurses Hospice, Women’s Resource Center and Safe Haven Ministries. I have also facilitated trainings on protecting children from sexual abuse for area churches and schools . After receiving my Michigan license as a Limited License Psychologist my professional career took me to community work with people having severe mental illness and co-occurring substance abuse issues. Additional counseling and organizational development experience encompass work for a locally based employee assistance provider and working in private practice.


I often talk to people about the concept of a “beacon.” This might also be called a person’s true essence or where their path in life seems to be leading them. It is not necessarily a career, job, location or way of life but instead a direction to which their spirit always seems to be directing them. For me that beacon has turned out to be meeting with people and helping them maneuver through the storms of life, to help them along the often winding path. 

I have found that young adults are my favorite group to work with. An exciting, frustrating, joyous and painful time of life. So much to experience. So much to learn. So many of life’s problems to solve. I see my counseling work as being invited into a person’s sacred space. One to be honored, respected and learned from. I am grateful to be trusted with this honor. 

Academic interests

I love to hear people’s stories. Our current experiences are not in isolation with the entirety of our lives and development. I enjoy learning about and including the following in my counseling work: 

  • Mind-Body-Spirit Connection 
  • Meditative and Contemplative Arts 
  • Family Process and Dynamics 
  • Processing Grief, Loss and Trauma 
  • Skillful Living 
  • Behavior Modification

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