James Skillen


  • Completed a BS in Environmental Science at Wheaton College, 1996
  • Earned an MA in Theology from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, 2000
  • Received his PhD in Natural Resource Policy from Cornell University, 2006
  • From 2006–2008 taught at Valparaiso University, Indiana
  • Joined GEO department in 2008

Current Teaching

  • Human Modification of the Global Environment (ENST 210)
  • Environment and Society: issues and policies (ENST 302)
  • Seminar in Environmental Studies (ENST 395)
  • Special Topics in Environmental Law
  • Occasional field courses in the American West
  • Dutch Landscapes Interim, January 2017


  • Hometown: Annapolis, Maryland

Academic interests

  • Federal land and resource policy
  • The American west

Courses taught


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