Herbert R Fynewever

Herb Fynewever


  • BS, Calvin College, 1994.
  • PhD, University of Wisconsin, 1998

    Professional experience

    • Associate Professor of Chemistry, Calvin University (College), 2009-present
    • Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Western Michigan University, 2005-2009
    • Assistant Professor of Chemistry, California State Polytechnic University, 2000-2005
    • Post-doctoral Research Associate, University of Sydney, 1998-2000


    Calvin Faculty Profile

    Academic interests


    Research and scholarship

    My particular research focus is on the role of formative assessment inside and outside of the classroom. By formative assessment, I mean a process in which students receive feedback regarding their thinking and understanding while they are doing the work associated with learning. To further illustrate what I mean by formative assessment, contrast it with the more typical summative assessment. Often in schools, most assessment is summative: the teachers’ feedback is in the form of a grade and comments after students complete the test, paper, or homework. In this way, the assessment measures the result of learning but does not contribute (in any direct way) during the learning process.


    Undergraduate student names appear in bold                        

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