Gerry Van Kooten

Gerry Van Kooten


  • Hometown(s): Lynden, Washington & Anchorage, Alaska
  • Attended Calvin for two years and completed his BS in geology at the University of Washington, 1973
  • Earned a MS in Geology from Arizona State University, 1975
  • Received his PhD from the University of California at Santa Barbara, 1980
  • Worked for 20+ years as a petroleum geologist and oil and gas consultant in Alaska
  • Studied recent volcanic rocks in Germany on a Fullbright Scholarship, has worked on the recovery of Prince William Sound in Alaska from a major oil spill, and has documented the role of natural oil seeps on the marine environment.
  • Joined the GEO faculty first in the fall of 2002 and on a permanent basis in 2004
  • Spends summers in Alaska working on Alaska energy projects and issues

Academic interests

  • geochemistry applied to oil pollution and environmental recovery
  • ammonite fossils and their sediment filling history
  • coal resources in Alaska
  • geology of the Alaska North Slope
  • Big Sky Geology: Montana Field Experience (Interim Course)


  • Deepthike, H.U., Tecon, R., Van Kooten, G., Van der Meer, J.R., Harms, H., Wells, M., and Short, J., 2009. Unlike PAHs from Exxon Valdez Crude Oil, PAHs from Gulf of Alaska Coals are not Bioavailable. Environmental Science & Technology, 2009, 43 (15), pp 5864-5870.
  • Short, J. W., Kolak, J. J., Payne, J. R., and Van Kooten, G. K., 2007. An Evaluation of Petrogenic Hydrocarbons in Northern Gulf of Alaska Continental Shelf Sediments – The Role of Coastal Oil Seep Inputs: Organic Geochemistry 38, p. 643-670.
  • Van Kooten, G.K., and Short, J.W., 2006. Tale of Two Oil Systems: Oil Potential along the Northern Gulf of Alaska: Joint Technical Conference of GSA, AAPG, and SPE, Anchorage, Alaska, Abstracts with Programs, vol. 38, no. 5, p. 5.
  • Van Kooten, G.K., and Brown, J., 2006. Pressure Pumping, Chamber Filling, and Ammonite Preservation, Talkeetna Mountains, Alaska: Joint Technical Conference of GSA, AAPG, and SPE, Anchorage, Alaska, Abstracts with Programs, vol. 38, no. 5, p. 75.

Consulting Reports

  • Van Kooten, G.K., 2009. Evaluation of Coal Resources in Alaska. Eleven chapters and accompanying data posters for Department of Energy resource evaluation.
  • Van Kooten, G.K., 2008. Evaluation of Hydrocarbon Potential: DOT Fairbanks to Nome Planning Study Area. For Alaska Department of Transportation, 28 p. Hydrocarbon evaluation of proposed transportation corridor.

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