Douglas A. Vander Griend

Douglas Vander Griend


  • B.A. Calvin College, Chemistry, 1996
  • Ph.D. Northwestern University, Inorganic Chemistry, 2000


Professor Vander Griend's News & Stories' faculty profile (July 26, 2010)

Professional experience

  • Calvin College, 2002-present, Professor of Chemistry
  • Furman University, 2000-2002, Dreyfus Postdoctoral Fellow

Academic interests

  • Synthetic nanotechnology
  • Inorganic thermochromic materials
  • Chemometric analysis of spectroscopic data

Research and scholarship


43) “Properly Handling Negative Values in the Calculation of Binding Constants by Physicochemical Modeling of Spectroscopic Titration Data” Kazmierczak, N.; Vander Griend, D. A. J. Chemometrics 2019, under review.

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