David Wunder

David Wunder


PhD, Civil Engineering, University of Minnesota
MS, Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Iowa
BS, Civil Engineering, University Missouri-Rolla
P.E. (Environmental Engineering) in Minnesota
Diplomate (Water Supply & Wastewater), American Academy of Environmental Engineers



Professor Wunder graduated from the University of Missouri-Rolla with a B.S. in Civil engineering. In 1994, he completed his M.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Iowa.  He is currently collaborating with Calvin students and the University of Minnesota on work relating to the fate and impact of pharmaceutical antibiotics in biofiltration processes used for drinking water treatment (project description).  Prior to joining the Calvin faculty in 2004, Professor Wunder worked for 10 years as an environmental engineer in the areas of water supply and treatment and wastewater treatment, with experience in the following process areas:

  • conventional water treatment for surface water and groundwater supplies
  • membrane treatment for particle removal and softening applications
  • chemical and biological processes in collection systems
  • chemically-enhanced primary treatment
  • biological nutrient removal
  • secondary clarification
  • anaerobic digestion of wastewater treatment residuals
  • hydraulic/hydrologic system modeling and optimization

His designs include systems in Arizona, California, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota. He also has professional experience in planning and assessment of water resource systems in urban and rural settings. David has teamed with Engineering Ministries International on four separate water and sanitation projects for sites in Kenya, Madagascar, Bangladesh and Guatemala.

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