Clarence Menninga

Clarence Menninga


  • Completed a B.A. in Chemistry at Calvin College, 1949
  • Received his M.A.T. in science and math at Western Michigan University, 1959
  • Received his PhD in Chemistry from Purdue University, 1965


  • Hometown: Pella, IA
  • Now lives in Grand Rapids with his wife Irene

Current activities

  • Teaching: a course for senior citizens on occasion
  • Hosts guests at the Dice Mineralogical Museum by arrangement
  • Gives department seminar talks from time to time
  • Presents a program for various adult groups now and then on topics related to geology or to the relationship between science and Christian faith.
  • Enjoys playing recreational golf

Professional experience

  • Worked as an anayltical Chemist for a while
  • Taught at Grand Rapids Christian High School
  • Worked briefly at Lawrence Radiation Laboratory in Livermore, CA
  • Joined the Calvin College Faculty in 1967 as a full-time Professor, hired to develop courses and programs in Earth Science and Geology.
  • Retired in 1990

Academic interests

  • Meteorites
  • Science and Christian faith relationships

Research and scholarship


  • If Truth Be Known. On Demand Publishing (An Amazon Company), 2012. Freely available for download here
  • Science Held Hostage (co-author with Howard J. Van Till and Davis A. Young).Downer's Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 1988.
  • “A Miniature Planetarium Powered by a Chauncey Jerome Chronometer,” Watch & Clock Bulletin (Journal of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors), Vol. 55/4,No 404 (July/August 2013), 361-70.
  • “Neutron activation analysis of pottery samples from Abila of the Decapolis,” Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, Vol. 266, No. 2 (2005), 235-244. (With L. Minc, M.D.Glascock, and C. Descantes)
  • “The Unique Church at Abila of the Decapolis,” Near Eastern Archaeology 67:1 (2004), 40-9.
  • A Well-Logging Probe for Measuring Tritium: Construction and Operating Manual, PNL-4620, April 1983, with R. L. Brodzinski.
  • A Design Manual for a Well-Logging Probe Capable of Measuring Tritium, PNL-4069 (Pacific Northwest Laboratory, Battelle Memorial Institute), October 1981, with R. L. Brodzinski.
  • "Cross Sections for the production of Al-26 from targets of Si, Al, and Fe irradiated by protons of 600 MeV," Proceedings of the 15th Int. Cosmic Ray Conference, Plovdiv, Bulgaria(1977), Vol. 2, p. 116; with G.M. Raisbeck, R. Brodzinski, and N. Wogman.
  • "Fission of rhenium with intermediate energy helium ions," Physical Review 153, 1294 (January 20, 1967).
  • Ph.D. thesis: "Fission of rhenium with 40-Mev alpha particles." Purdue University, 1966. Thesis advisor: James W. Cobble.
  • Numerous brief articles on the relationship of science and Christian faith, with examples from geology and the history of science, published in various church and christian school periodicals.

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