Find out more about the Synod of Dordt through conferences, exhibits, and websites commemorating the 400th anniversary.


Exhibits and Museums

Around the Web

  • Christian Courier blog post by Donald Sinnema, one of the leading North American experts on the Synod of Dordt, highlighting the work of the synod and introducing the project to publish the acts of the synod in their original language
  • Tabletalk Magazine Blog post by W. Robert Godfrey on the Synod of Dordt, its context, and its theological significance

For young readers

  • William Boekestein. The Glory of Grace: the Story of the Canons of Dordt (Grand Rapids: Reformation Heritage Books, 2012). illustrated 32-page book introducing young readers to the history of the Dutch Reformation, the theological debates, and the outcomes of the Synod

Scholarly resources

  • Aza Goudriaan and Fred van Lieburg, eds. Revisiting the Synod of Dordt (1618-19) (Leiden: Brill, 2011) includes sixteen contributions on various aspects of the synod, from theological issues to reports and correspondence from synod delegates
  • Anthony Milton. The British delegation and the Synod of Dort (1618-1619) (Woodbridge: Boydell Press, 2005) The definitive study on England’s connections with the Synod of Dordt, both before and after the international gathering took place
  • Donald Sinnema, Christian Moser, and Herman J. Selderhuis. Acta et Documenta Synodi Nationalis Dordrechtanae (1618-1619) (Göttingen: Vanderhoek & Ruprecht, 2015) First volume of a planned series publishing an annotated edition of the acts of the Synod of Dordt in the original Latin text. Includes a very helpful introductory section providing background on the synod and its delegates