Simulation and Modeling of LED Optical Characteristics

Basic information

Professor Mark Michmerhuizen and student Andrew Twining hone the a previous solar simulator project.

Professor Mark Michmerhuizen and Andrew Twining

In a follow-on project to Calvin’s previous solar simulator project, a research team of student Andrew Twining and Professor Mark Michmerhuizen worked on determining the ideal characteristics of the Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) on a 127 mm by 127 mm board, including viewing angle, intensity, wavelength, and placement position. After obtaining LightTools, an optics software package, as a tool for the project, the team optimized two designs made by Calvin Professor Yoon Kim. After making some observations on the two designs, the team suggested their own design. The suggested design added a number of additional LEDs at different wavelengths and provided a path for future development of the solar simulator.


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