Institutional Architecture of the Postwar International Security Order: Global Security Governance in a Changing World

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  • Dates: 2012-Present
  • Student researcher(s):
    • Kelly Looman (Honors Project/McGregor Program)
    • Daniela Pereira (Honors Project/McGregor Program)
  • Faculty researcher(s):

Since the close of World War II, states have undertaken efforts to shape the institutional architecture of the postwar international security order by proposing to build and/or to rebuild institutions and associated institutional entities and agents pertaining to global security issues.

In seeking to explain variation in observed institutional design, Prof. Westra has involved undergraduate student research assistants in a multiyear research project collecting and analyzing both qualitative and quantitative data. 


Summer 2012: James Randall (McGregor program)

Fall 2012: Alexander Tyan (Honors project/CSR)

Summer 2013: Greg Kim (McGregor program)

Summer 2014: Jisoo Kim (McGregor program)

Summer 2015: Ha Young Bahng (McGregor program)

Fall 2015: Abuoma Nwadike (Honors project); Seung Yong Lee (CSR)

Summer 2016: Isaac LaGrand (McGregor program)

Spring 2017: Edgar Aguilar (Alumni Grant)

Summer 2017: Matt Seafield (McGregor program)

Summer 2018: Kelly Looman (Honors project/McGregor program); Daniela Pereira (Honors project/McGregor program)


Joel Westra

Joel Westra

Department Chair
Director, Pre-Law Program
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