Development of Constant-Current DC-DC Modules for High-Power LEDs

Basic information

David Dadzie and Prof. Yoon Kim design and build a DC-DC switching power converter module to power LEDs and test solar energy-storing cells.

Professor Yoon Kim and David Dadzie

There is a high demand for sustainable and renewable energy forms across the globe. One of these energy forms is solar energy. Testing solar voltaic cells can be difficult where test centers are located in regions that don’t experience much sunshine year round. In recent years the use of LEDs, particularly High-Powered LEDs, for testing purposes has become very popular. Due to the development of LEDs of different wavelengths (i.e., different colors), they can be combined in unique arrangements with varying intensities to produce an artificial sunlight.

The aim of this research project is to design and build a DC-DC switching power converter module. These modules are designed to supply stable power to drive the high-power LEDs. The module can control the current, keeping it constant for any given LED. This will be used in a project to build a solar simulator made up of one hundred high-power LEDs.


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