Consultations include specialized mentoring for all faculty, but especially for persons more experienced to teaching at Calvin and who wish to refine their approaches to classroom instruction. 

Faculty work collaboratively with TLN Fellows on any number of topics related to teaching and learning, including but not limited to the following:

  • Course design
  • Conducting effective class discussions
  • Effective questioning
  • Designing interactive lectures
  • Designing effective visual aids for lecture
  • Writing lesson objectives
  • Writing syllabi
  • Writing transparent assignments
  • Developing in-class activities to promote student learning
  • Developing community in a classroom
  • Assessment
  • Writing quizzes and tests
  • Grading and feedback strategies
  • Interpreting feedback from course evaluations

Consultations typically involve an opening conversation to better understand the purpose of the consult. This meeting is followed by a scheduled classroom visit by a TLN Fellow and a debriefing together. At this time, goal-setting occurs and a plan of action is decided on together. Then 2-3 meetings are scheduled over the course of a semester and a follow-up classroom observation and debriefing occurs at the end of the semester. Consultations and mentoring typically span a semester of time. 

Consultations and classroom observations are intended to help with your development as an educator and are not meant to be used for purposes of tenure and promotion.

Participation is voluntary and confidential, and consultations are initiated by faculty. Faculty indicate interest by writing the TLN Director, Crystal Bruxvoort.