As a student, you’ll get hands-on clinical experience working in one of four urban, culturally-diverse neighborhoods in Grand Rapids.

You will learn the health care strengths and needs of these neighborhoods and have the chance to engage in service-learning and neighborhood renewal. Working with people in their own environment will give you a context when you are getting clinical experience in the hospital.

The nursing department curriculum flows from the mission of the university to prepare students to be agents of reconciliation and renewal in our world. Join us in continuing the university's commitment to service learning and community partnerships.

baxter madison

Baxter / Madison
Love kids? Baxter / Madison focuses on health education for kids and older adults. You have the opportunity to shadow a school nurse, teach sessions at the community center and meet with a resident at a senior housing facility to gain experience in health assessment. 

burton heights

Burton Heights
As a student working in Burton Heights, you will have the opportunity to interact with culturally diverse clients and work on your language skills. You will have the opportunity to proactively approach clients searching for healthcare information and services. 


Creston / Belknap
With an established presence in the Creston / Belknap neighborhood, you will focus on health education for the whole community and learn how to make strategic plans for a neighborhood.  


Heartside neighborhood works with a large homeless population. As a student, you will learn to listen to the voice of the patient and their environment. 

Current Research in the Neighborhoods