FYRES 2018 Peter Duimstra

Peter Duimstra is a sophomore geography/computer science major. He hails from Appleton, Wisconsin, or as some call it: “The Land of Cheese”. Peter is hoping to pursue a career in GIS or some other information system. He is hoping to create a world that is more sustainable so that future generations can enjoy the planet long after he has passed on. In his free time, Peter enjoys climbing, hiking, reading, theatre, music, and gaming.


FYRES 2018 Gabriela Lantinga

Gabriela R. Lantinga is a second year student at Calvin College majoring in Geography. Her origins are in Toronto, Canada, but she now resides in Michigan. She is largely interested in the crossovers between environmental conservation and social justice affairs, specifically issues of diversity in relation to the outdoors and accessibility. When she’s not working as a mentor in the field or studying, you can find her rock climbing, road biking, keeping bees, or tapping maple trees.


FYRES 2018 Hans Leisman

Hans Leisman is a senior majoring in political science and environmental studies. He grew up in Ada, MI and loves the West Michigan area. His family often visits Sleeping Bear Dunes so he has always valued the dunes in Michigan. Hans participated in the FYRES program as a freshman, studying a series of blowouts on dune three of P.J. Hoffmaster State Park. He also enjoys researching and discussing topics related to environmental politics. Outside of class he enjoys playing hockey and church softball. He also enjoys watching the Red Wings, Griffins, Lions, Wolverines, and Tigers.


FYRES 2018 Jennifer McClellan

Jennifer McClellan is a senior majoring in geology. She grew up in Hudson, Michigan working with her Dad in his landscaping business. Jennifer was in FYRES her freshmen year, has worked a research project for Geomorphology looking at how sea stacks affect sand erosion, and was a FYRES mentor last year. She is interested in working in Mineralogy or Soil Development fields. Jennifer enjoys horseback riding, teaching kids how to ride, biking, and hiking.


FYRES 2018 Noah Schumerth

Noah is a senior geography major, who is also studying architecture and urban studies. Hailing from Wisconsin with a great love for his home state, Noah is new to the FYRES program, but is far from new to geographic research. He has an extensive research background through the Civitas Lab and McGregor Fellowship at Calvin, with work completed on a half-dozen projects at the college. His most recent project focused on evaluating public space and privatization in suburban alternative communities. Noah adores golfing, reading classic literature, and spending time in the GEO department, and can often be found exploring cities eagerly with a camera and journal in hand. Noah plans on pursuing a Master’s degree in City and Regional Planning or Geography, to pursue further study of urban geographic thought.