• Mallika David
    • Major: Speech Pathology and Audiology
      Internship: Rosewood Church in Bellflower, CA.

      Mallika hails from New Delhi, India. At Calvin, she has had the joy of being involved in a number of leadership positions which have led her to pursue other avenues of growth. She enjoys time spent with friends and family as well as the outdoors. She is hoping to discern God’s direction in her life as she works to assist people as a Speech Pathologist along with understanding the role of the church in an inner city setting. Her hope is that the Jubilee Fellows program will equip her to see the church in a new light and will give her a better understanding of how to empower individuals through the church to act upon social justice issues.

  • John Hoffman
    • Major: Religion and Philosophy
      Minor: Greek
      Internship: Manito Presbyterian Church in Spokane, WA.

      John is from Powell, Ohio. He has grown up in the Church of God, and his faith has been formatively influenced by his mother and father, as well as by leaders in his youth group. He has felt the call to go to seminary, and hopes that his experiences in the Jubilee Fellows program will help him further discern God’s will for his life. He is interested to learn more about ministry as a teaching pastor and ministry through community development, as well as about the interaction between theology and church at a practical level. In his spare time, John enjoys watching videos about people living in especially small or eccentric housing, especially if they have transforming furniture.

  • Casey Kwant
    • Major: Religion
      Minor: Ministry Leadership with an emphasis in Pastoral Ministry
      Internship: Calvin Prison Initiative and Celebration Fellowship in Ionia, MI.

      Casey is from Grand Rapids Michigan and has a passion for ministry, intentional conversation, the outdoors, hiking, camping, and kayaking, and travel. While born and raised in West Michigan, Casey believes in the importance of travel and understanding cultures other than one’s own. Outside of school, he volunteers as a youth leader at his home church of LaGrave CRC. Overall, the thing he is most passionate about is studying Christianity and his faith, and being a servant in community with others. He was drawn to Jubilee Fellows because he is actively seeking to discern what that means for him and for God’s calling in his life. Through this program he hopes to learn more about where God is leading him, as well as to gain a more realistic understanding of what a life of full time ministry looks and feels like.

  • Natasha Kwik
    • Major: Speech Pathology and Audiology
      Internship: Journey Community Church in La Mesa, CA.

      Natasha is from Singapore. Her experiences as a Barnabas leader in the dorms and in Project Neighborhood have prompted her to explore what it means to do ministry and what her role in God’s kingdom could and should look like. She applied for the Jubilee Fellows program to better discern her gifts and what work God may be equipping her for. She hopes this program will be a fruitful time to explore her growing interest and call to ministry (whatever that may entail), and she hopes to learn more about the inner workings of the church and its role in neighborhood community development.

  • Laurel Luke
    • Major: Strategic Communications and Religion
      Internship: LaSalle Street Church in Chicago, IL.

      As an individual, Laurel enjoys spending her free time in local coffee shops reading, meeting up with good friends, or soaking in moments of peace. She is a lover of many things, some of them being rainy days, punny jokes, and sushi. Since being at Calvin, her faith and beliefs have been drastically challenge and, in that tension, she has felt more and more drawn into ministry. She applied to Jubilee Fellows hoping it would be an opportunity to explore congregational ministry, discern where God is calling her, and apply her passions for community, justice, and fearless pursuits of knowledge of God.

  • Emmy Luker
    • Major: Spanish and English Writing
      Internship: Granite Springs Church in Lincoln, CA.

      Emmy is from Grand Junction, Colorado. She grew up in a small Christian Reformed Church where she developed a passion for church worship. Emmy loves to sing, and listen to or make music. She also enjoys languages and writing; at Calvin, she is majoring in Spanish and English Writing. She works as a Worship Apprentice at Calvin College, using her gifts and interests in music and worship leadership. When Emmy is not writing papers or singing, she can be found drinking strong coffee, spending time outside hiking or running, or laughing with friends. She is thrilled for this opportunity to grow spiritually, relationally, and as a leader during the next year. Emmy feels called towards ministry and hopes that, through the Jubilee Fellows Program, she will be able to discern what her future role in the church may be.

  • Isaiah Morehead
    • Major: Psychology and Religion
      Internship: Bellevue Christian Reformed Church in Bellevue, WA.

      Isaiah is from Wyoming, MI. He enjoys reading, writing, having meaningful conversations, and spending time with friends. Isaiah has had the privilege of working as a Resident Assistant and Campus Safety employee at Calvin. Currently, he is hoping to pursue a career in mental health counseling. As a Jubilee Fellow, he hopes to explore the inner workings of how a church functions, pastoral counselling, and how the church interacts with mental illness from a Christian perspective.

  • Alyssa Muehmel
    • Major: Sociology
      Minor: Congregational & Ministry Studies and French
      Internship: Fellowship Reformed Church in Holland, MI.

      Alyssa applied to be a Jubilee Fellow because she is interested in full time ministry and wanted a first-hand experience before her seminary training. She hopes to learn more about the daily events that go on behind the scenes at a church, what the life of a pastor looks like, and how she might fit in to a church leadership position.

  • Ross Vander Meulen
    • Major: Engineering, Civil/Environmental Concentration
      Internship: Parklane Christian Reformed Church in Portland, OR.

      Ross is from Holland, Michigan. He was raised in a Christian home located in a predominately Christian region of Michigan, which has been an amazing blessing in many ways. Since he believes God is able to use him best when he is out of his comfort zone, he is considering engineering as missions and other opportunities to connect engineering with ministry instead of working in industry. After an amazing experience as Barnabas last year, he is also considering a call to ministry because he is passionate about loving God’s people and hearing God speak through Scripture. Becoming a Jubilee Fellow is important for him because it is an opportunity for God to either shut the door of ministry or continue to lead him through the door of intentional service for God. Through this experience, he would love to better learn about the role and calling of pastors as well as better understand and participate in Christian community development.

  • Zebadiah Zoolkoski
    • Major: Nursing
      Internship: Crossway Church in Battle Ground, WA.

      Zeb is from Niamey, Niger. After growing up surrounded by missionaries, working at Bible camps during the summer, and serving in Calvin's Barnabas program, Zeb has developed a curiosity for ministry. He is excited to explore how he could serve in ministry full-time after Calvin. Zeb hopes that being a part of the Jubilee Fellows will help him discern where he can best serve God and the Church.