• Hannah Biggs
    • Major: International Development Studies
      Minor: Ministry Leadership with an emphasis in Music in Worship
      Internship: Healdsburg Community Church in Healdsburg, CA.

      Hannah is from Zionsville, IN. She enjoys playing music, the outdoors, making art, studying scripture, and having conversations with people. She is studying international development and music in worship and is grateful for opportunities to lead worship, teach Sunday school, and be a part of congregations both in Indiana and Michigan. She likes learning about ways in which students can be a part of the city of Grand Rapids and encouraging that relationship. She is very excited to explore her growing passion for urban ministry and the church’s role in issues of injustice and to learn more about the future work God has for her in the church.

  • Kyle Bradshaw
    • Major: Geography
      Minor: Ministry Leadership with an emphasis in Community Development
      Internship: Dwell Church in New York City, NY.

      Kyle is from Olympia, WA. Whether hiking in the mountains or kayaking in open water, he loves being in nature. During his time at Calvin he has had the opportunity to serve as a Barnabas, sing with the Gospel Choir, and is currently a Resident Assistant. Kyle was drawn to the Jubilee Fellows program because of the opportunity it gives him to both learn about the church academically, and put that knowledge to practice while serving a specific church. Through the program he hopes to discern his own calling in ministry, develop meaningful friendships with the other fellows, and learn how urban churches are being faithfully present in their neighborhoods.

  • Bethany Cooper
    • Major: Religion
      Minor: Ministry Leadership with an emphasis in Pastoral Ministry
      Internship: East End Fellowship in Richmond, VA.

      Bethany is from Evanston, Illinois. She has been raised in two very different church traditions, Mennonite and Presbyterian. She is passionate about intentional community, social justice and the outdoors. Because of her different passions, she has partnered with the church in varying capacities, including working with "A Christian Ministry in the National Parks," being a camp counselor at "Phantom Ranch Bible Camp" and serving as an RA on campus this year. However, her true passion is in adult ministry and she hopes to be in the pastoral role of a church community one day. As a Religion major and Pastoral Ministry minor, she has had space to engage that at Calvin. And, in spending a semester off-campus with a program called the Oregon Extension, she knows she wants to be part of a church that emphasizes community development. At the same time, Bethany believes being a Jubilee Fellow will help her better discern what type of church community would fit her best, and can't wait to explore her calling more this year.

  • Chris Curia
    • Major: Film & Media, Digital Filmmaking emphasis
      Minor: Spanish and Ministry Leadership
      Internship: Iglesia Nacional Presbiteriana Monte de Sión in Tekax, Mexico

      Chris is originally from Naperville, IL and is actively discerning a call into full-time ministry. Throughout his time at Calvin, Chris has been involved with various ministries, including Young Life and the on-campus Barnabas program. In his studies, he has developed a deep passion for the Church and is eager to see how the Lord will use his gifts and interests in a more direct ministry setting.

  • Jana Dykhuis
    • Major: Music Education
      Internship: Granite Springs Church in Lincoln, CA.

      Jana is from Albuquerque, New Mexico. She began leading worship at church nine years ago. Music is one of the ways she expresses the joys and the sorrows of life’s wonders and messes. At Calvin, she is majoring in Music Education but has also led worship as part of her vocation. After being a Worship Apprentice and Intern, Jana is now trying to discern how she might best use her gifts to serve in a ministry context with creativity and verve. As a Jubilee Fellow she is eager to share discussions, hard questions, and become more aware of what it may look like to seek God’s face in a church community with love and with grace. Exploring growth through the Holy Spirit’s guiding, she anticipates a community in which Christ is abiding that seeks out God’s will and works to equip new leaders through teaching and fellowship.

  • Randy Foreman
    • Major: Religion
      Minor: Ministry Leadership with an emphasis in Community Development
      Internship: East End Fellowship in Richmond, VA.

      Randy is from Evanston, IL. He decided to apply for Jubilee fellows because of its unique opportunity to teach him more about the inner workings of the church. He is interested in discerning a position inside the church as a counselor, and wants to learn more about how descisions are made, conflict is resolved and other things of that nature.

  • Cameron Kritikos
    • Major: International Development
      Minors: Spanish and Ministry Leadership with an emphasis in Community Development
      Internship: School for Conversion in Durham, NC.

      Cameron is from Berwyn, IL. It was his role in an inclusive, diverse, and vibrant worshiping community that led him to seek the Jubilee Fellows program as an opportunity to engage with the church. He seeks to explore the movement of the church with large, urban areas and hopes that this experience helps him engage questions of reconciliation and inclusion of vulnerable people groups in our congregations. He loves baseball and enjoys reading about everything from the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer to health crises in Russian prisons. Cameron is learning to be concerned with who he is becoming rather than what he is going to do, and hopes that this program will be one full of listening and learning.

  • Maaike Mudde
    • Major: Psychology
      Internship: North Avenue Presbyterian Church in Atlanta, GA.

      Maaike is from Grand Rapids, MI, where she has grown in deeper involvement with Christian community development and the non-profit sector since high school. Through Jubilee Fellows, she is interested in exploring the intersection of church and social enterprise, especially as it empowers members of core urban neighborhoods. Sensing and wondering about a call to pastoral ministry from a young age, Maaike is thrilled to have the opportunity to discern God's continuous call on her life.

  • Jamin Short
    • Major: Social Work
      Minor: Chinese Language
      Internship: LaSalle Street Church in Chicago, IL.

      Jamin is from Cambridge, Ontario. Growing up in a missionary family, Jamin has spent most of his life living in Southeast Asia. Since being at Calvin, Jamin has committed to attending and serving at Sherman Street CRC. He enjoys investing his time in friends, and working to strengthen those relationships through genuine conversation. Jamin is passionate about social justice; specifically the role of the church in these efforts. He was drawn to the Jubilee Fellows program because it presented itself as an opportunity to explore his own abilities and build the passion that he holds for the church. He hopes to come out of this program with a greater understanding of the direction that the Lord is leading his life.

  • Trey Tirpak
    • Major: Religion
      Minor: Congregational & Ministry Studies
      Internship: Blythefield Christian Reformed Church in Rockford, MI.

      Trey is from Mililani, Hawaii. He was prompted to apply to the Jubilee Fellows program because he enjoys studying the humanities, specifically with wonderment at the intersections of Reformed theology, beauty, and persons in community. He is always up for gathering around a hearty meal for some jolly company. His hope for this program is to learn about a CRC congregation, and, in hope, contribute in some capacity to its ongoing life.

  • Lauren VandeZande
    • Major: Spanish and Elementary Education
      Internship: Bethel Christian Reformed Church in Sun Valley, CA.

      Lauren is from Raleigh, North Carolina. She loves to have good conversations, drink tea, and learn. Lauren is passionate about urban education, and as a Jubilee Fellow, she hopes to learn how the church is present in its community and can support local schools.

  • Christina VanEck
    • Major: Writing
      Minor: Youth Ministry
      Internship: Madison Avenue Christian Reformed Church and New City Kids in Paterson, NJ.

      Christina is from Yorba Linda, California. She loves the outdoors, hiking, sports, writing, and music. During the summer of 2012, Christina participated in Calvin Seminary's high school program called Facing Your Future. Ever since, she has been interested in pursuing a career in ministry, specifically working with youth. Christina is thrilled to be a part of the Jubilee Fellows program and eagerly anticipates the ways in which it will shape and grow her faith and understanding about the church. Additionally, Christina is excited to see how her internship will teach her about the importance of youth within the church.