The Exhibition Program at Calvin University provides our community with educational opportunities and access to the visual arts. Using the Center Art Gallery and Calvin’s permanent collection of art, the Exhibition Program promotes research and learning opportunities for students, faculty, alumni and community members.

Calvin Art Partners assists the work of the Center Art Gallery and supports the goals of the Exhibition Program. To add your support to Calvin Art Partners and the Center Art Gallery, please visit the Calvin Art Partners donation page.

Your partnership with us supports:

Special exhibitions and programs

Each year, we bring in unique and traveling exhibitions to present a cross-section of contemporary and historical visual art.

The growth and care of the permanent arts collection

The university continues to acquire works of art through donation and purchase. The permanent collection numbers over 1,900 works of art that require care and conservation.

Educational opportunities

Student and faculty exhibitions, as well as lectures and critiques by visiting artists and scholars, serve as important learning tools.