Our history

The original Center Art Gallery first opened in 1974, on the lower level of the William Spoelhof University Center. For the next 37 years the gallery hosted over 300 exhibitions and nearly 300,000 visitors. In 2010, the Center Art Gallery moved into its new home at the Covenant Fine Arts Center, where it boasts over 3,800 square feet of exhibition space.

Our mission

  1. To provide continued support for the artists of the Calvin community including students, faculty, and alumni by giving opportunity to exhibit and discuss their work.
  2. To provide our art students and the University and civic communities the educational opportunity to view the aesthetic richness of other cultures in the context of our liberal arts tradition.
  3. To provide the Calvin community with an opportunity to view and dialogue with challenging art objects, artists, and ideas from a cross-section of contemporary culture, encouraging thoughtful evaluation rather than blind acceptance or rejection of our contemporaries active in the arts.
  4. To provide the Calvin community with an opportunity to view the works produced by Christians involved in the arts and thus strengthen the ties between those of similar and different Christian traditions.

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Support us

If you would like to support what we do at the Center Art Gallery, please contact Brent Williams for more information.