Calvin Startup Garage

Start & scale your own company

The Calvin Startup Garage empowers students to make their business dreams a reality.

Learn by doing

Students who are part of the Startup Garage receive...


Get paired with a mentor in your industry who can provide specific and personalized guidance as you start and scale your business.


Receive up to $2,000 to get your idea off the ground. All equity and intellectual property stays with you.


Meet regularly with a group of like-minded students, sharing ideas, progress, and encouragement.

Begin your startup journey today.

Calling all majors

The Startup Garage is designed for students from every major.

Students speaking into a microphone

This is not just for the business majors.

Entrepreneurship comes alive when paired with a passion. Whether it be nursing, education, engineering, or any other majors, this is a program designed for you.

Begin your startup journey today.

Change the world

The best startups have redemption at their core.

Two students speaking into a microphone

As followers of Jesus, we believe we're called to be a part of God's redemptive movement.

We also believe startups can create incredible impact both socially and culturally.

We strive to merge these ideas, creating startups that are in line with this redemptive movement that makes the world more as God intended it to be.

Begin your startup journey today.


The Calvin Startup Garage meets every Wednesday from 6pm—7:30pm.


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