As a bachelor of fine arts student at Calvin, learn how the visual arts best serve society, how to address contemporary cultural concerns and where the responsibility to God and to one another comes into play.

In a world where our information and knowledge are communicated visually more than ever, discover new and insightful ways to share your thoughts and beliefs with others.

Joining the BFA program

Students typically apply for admission to this program during their sophomore year. Entry to the program is based on an evaluation of student portfolios. Before applying for admission to the program, a student must have completed three college-level studio art courses. Application forms and information on requirements for admission are available in the department office.

Students who are interested in the bachelor of fine arts degree (BFA) program at Calvin should consult with A. Greidanus (, faculty advisor for the BFA program.

Course Requirements 2015-2016

(63 semester hours)


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