What is the Calvin Wellness Fee?

At Calvin University, we strive to provide every student with the supports needed for academic success, whatever health and wellness challenges might arise along the way. Students have access to a comprehensive range of wellness services offered by highly qualified professionals on campus. The Calvin Wellness Fee supports these services, preserving our high standards of care and quality as we meet student needs throughout their time at Calvin.

What services and programs does it cover?

Calvin University offers support for all students in their pursuit of wellness, creating a foundation for the development of healthy habits that will serve them well in college and beyond. For students who enter college with significant concerns related to physical or mental health, we actively work to ensure connection with needed services. For those who don’t have these needs today, we are there for them if they need an escort ride after an ankle sprain, experience a death in the family, or need to talk to a triage nurse about their viral illness. This fee is a safety net for all students, and all students benefit from the positive effects of wellness-related training and education provided across campus each year.

  • Mental health resources and treatments are available to all students in many forms—counseling, skill-building workshops, treatment groups, in-dorm seminars, online/video conference coaching, and specialized community referrals. Every student has access to our team of highly qualified, licensed clinical counselors who carefully assess student needs and work collaboratively to create customized, evidence-based treatment plans. For students who are interested in personal growth outside of the counseling center, confidential 24/7 resources are available online. In addition, faculty and staff receive training and consultation regarding effective responses to student emotional distress. This helps to maintain a safe and supportive atmosphere for everyone in the Calvin community.
  • Fitness facilities at Calvin are state-of-the-art, with endless opportunities for students to stay physically and mentally healthy through exercise. Group fitness classes provide an encouraging and positive environment to work out with peers. Students interested in playing intramural sports, climbing a world-class rock wall, or borrowing wilderness backpacking supplies need look no further – it’s all right here on campus!
  • Security on campus is monitored by a highly qualified team of campus safety professionals who work around the clock. In collaboration with other departments, this team provides timely and effective crisis response when needed, both for medical and mental health crises. Students never need to wonder whether they, or their friend, will be able to access emergency support in a time of need. For students experiencing medical and mental health complications during their college years, a coordinated care team provides monitoring and support to make sure the student is not alone in managing challenges as they work toward their academic goals.
  • Primary health care is offered on campus for all students and services rendered will continue to be billed to medical insurance plans. Appointment times are created with student schedules in mind. Our caring, competent, and highly trained medical staff are available to support students in managing anything from chronic medical conditions to minor injuries to travel immunizations. In fact, our health services have been consistently rated by the Princeton Review in the top tier among colleges and universities nationwide. Health Services participants with ninety-seven percent of students' insurance plans, co-payments, and deductibles are billed directly to the student’s miscellaneous account for their convenience. At Calvin, students can rest assured that quality medical help and consultation is just a phone call away.

Who is covered?

Because wellness is foundational to the learning experience during college, every Calvin student is covered by these services. If you attend Calvin and have a wellness concern, we’ve got your back! Campus-wide wellness and safety services benefit all students, and all students have the option to engage with specialized treatment services such as medical visits and mental health assessments. Your personal wellness is important to us, and we are there when you need us.

Why is this a separate fee?

Wellness programs and services are prerequisites for learning. If a student is not healthy, safe, and well, they are unable to learn. At Calvin, we recognize this foundational aspect of wellness, and we administer the wellness fee to ensure that excellent wellness services are available to all students. Thank you for partnering with us in this important work at Calvin University!

For more information about wellness services at Calvin University, please check out our main Health & Safety page.