Bleed maroon and gold

It wouldn’t be college without a few crazy traditions that you’ll tell your grandchildren about someday. With more than 125 years of history, Calvin has its fair share of ways to celebrate maroon and gold.

Snapshots of Calvin Traditions
  1. Watch: Chaos Night

    1. Chaos Night

  2. Cokes and Clubs

    2. Cokes & Clubs

  3. Watch: Grand Prix Bed Races

    3. Grand Prix Bed Races

  4. Watch: Engineering Cardboard Canoe Race

    4. Engineering Cardboard Canoe Race

  5. Homecoming Football Game

    5. Homecoming Football (NEW!)

  6. Watch: MidKnight Madness

    6. MidKnight Madness

  7. Watch: Dance Guild 2024

    7. Dance Guild

  8. Lighting the Christmas tree on the Commons Lawn each December.

    8. Christmas Tree Lighting

  9. Lighting the Christmas tree on the Commons Lawn each December.

    9. The Rivalry

  10. Watch: The January Series 2024

    10. The January Series

  11. Watch: Cold Knight Plunge

    11. Cold Knight Plunge

  12. Rangeela celebrates the many different cultures and talents found across the student body.

    12. Rangeela

More traditions at Calvin!

  1. Join a campus Bible Study
  2. Cheer at a D1 or D3 hockey game
  3. Attend a Calvin Improv show and laugh until your stomach hurts
  4. Tackle your semester papers at Write Night
  5. Go to Wolfgang’s restaurant for the Early Bird Special
  6. Scale the climbing wall
  7. Travel and study abroad
  8. Stroll the trails at the Ecosystem Preserve
  9. Take a bike ride around Reeds Lake
  10. Dip your toes into Lake Michigan
  11. Enjoy a pumpkin donut and hayride at Post Family Farms
  12. Visit Calvin’s Center Art Gallery
  13. Chat with an artist after a Student Activities Office (SAO) concert
  14. Attend a Fall or Spring Formal
  15. Play on an intramural sports team
  16. Compete in a Dodgeball Tournament
  17. Listen to a uKnighted or Knightingals performance
  18. Get ice cream from Jersey Junction
  19. Explore Grand Rapids during Art Prize or World of Winter
  20. Worship at a Friday songfest chapel
  21. Explore the Calvin tunnels
  22. Ice skate at Rosa Parks Circle
  23. Grab a photo with Joust
  24. Take your photo on the Blue Bridge in Grand Rapids
  25. Join on of the 50+ student clubs
  26. Go trick-or-treating at DeWit Manor
  27. Do homework at coffee shop that’s open 24 hours
  28. Join friends for Midnight Breakfast
  29. Take your photo in The Cheese
  30. Stargaze through the Observatory telescope
  31. Swing by Peet’s Coffee for Free Shot Friday
  32. Run or walk in the Calvin Classic 5K
  33. Jump off the high dive in the Aquatic Center
  34. Vote for the best act at Calvin’s Got Talent
  35. Go for a late night Ultra Dog at Yesterdog
  36. Worship with Gospel Choir at Praise Night
  37. Ride the Rapid with your discount bus card
  38. Wear your Calvin socks! A tradition since 2018.