Bleed maroon and gold

It wouldn’t be college without a few crazy traditions that you’ll tell your grandchildren about someday. With more than 125 years of history, Calvin has its fair share of ways to celebrate maroon and gold.



Calvin traditions

The Rivalry

ESPN’s called it one of top three college/university basketball rivalries. It’s Calvin vs. Hope every winter. Winner takes everything.

Cold Knight Plunge

Every winter, students line up to take a frost leap into the ice-cold Sem (Seminary) pond. Pastor Mary (University Chaplain) and President LeRoy have even been known to jump into the action!

Chaos Night

It’s the ultimate residence hall competition where you’ll rally with your new friends for year-long bragging rights. Physical and mental challenges are all part of this intense dorm on dorm challenge.


Lip sync and dance your way to Calvin fame (or infamy).

Cardboard Canoe Race

Will your hand-crafted vessel sink or swim in this annual fall race in the Calvin Seminary Pond?

Faculty Fumblers

Calvin’s illustrious student journalists from Chimes compete with professors for bragging rights in Calvin’s only official football game of the year.

Dorm Mascots

We have a boar, a bison and a siren, just to name a few. Dorms have mascots that are the focal points of pranks and rivalries between residence halls. Alumni from Boer Hall return each year for “Wild Boar Day”.

Joust the Knight

Calvin’s official mascot was named by students in 2008. He drums up school spirit at Fridays at Calvin, and of course, at athletic events.


If 40 guys wearing swimming trunks show up singing a Top 40 tune outside your dorm window in the middle of January, don’t be surprised.