Learn to care for God’s creation

You care about God’s creation, and so do we. Deepen your understanding of the issues surrounding environmental sustainability by joining one of many green initiatives on Calvin’s campus.

Ways to get involved

There are many ways to get involved with sustainability efforts at Calvin. Participate in the January Kill-a-Watt competition in the dorms, join a student organization or spend your first two years living with others who care about green initiatives on the Creation Care floor.

Student Organizations
Majors and Minors
Creation Care/Outdoor Recreation Community

Apply to live on this special residence hall floor.

Community Garden

Get your hands dirty by tending Calvin’s student-run community garden, an 18-bed space that grows delicious vegetables like basil and snow peas. See the Community Garden on Facebook.

Kill-a-Watt Competition

Compete with other dorms on how much electricity you can save. Earn points for your dorm by going vegan for a interim, or completing other lifestyle challenges.

Trayless Dining

Save water in the dining hall by carrying your plate and glass to the table without a tray.

Green Out

As part of Kill-a-Watt, wear green with your friends on this day to show solidarity with Calvin’s environmental initiatives.

Freecycle Day

Trade usable goods with your friends at this Earth Day event.

Mad Farmer Foodfest

Local farmers come to campus for a day and serve delicious, sustainably-grown foods.