As a native Michigander from Jenison, Glenn Remelts and his wife, Nancy, sought a change of scenery six months after they were married by moving to Nigeria, where Remelts taught history and biology for two years. After coming back to the states, Remelts worked in the libraries of Beloit College and Kansas State University for seven years each. He and his family then returned to Michigan to commence his 25-year career at Calvin in the Hekman Library.

During Remelts’ first seven years, he brought the library into the “computer age.” In the remaining 18 years, he served the Calvin community as the library director.

Remelts enjoyed his time in the Hekman Library, especially working with students. “Calvin is a great place to work; students are excellent of course. That was the most appealing part of the job, working with students. [Calvin] is an inspiration--it’s just an overall good place to work.”

Although now retired from Calvin, Remelts still has every intention to make the most of his time. “Teaching has always been what I enjoy, so if I can do something one-on-one with people--mentoring, tutoring, teaching in a classroom--that would be the ideal,” he said. “Whatever I can find meaningful.”

On July 30, Remelts began a very meaningful 525-mile backpacking trip along the Continental Divide Trail in Wyoming to fundraise for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society in honor of his wife, Nancy, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 23 years ago. Remelts was accompanied by 11 others at various points throughout the hike, including his son, Nick, his daughter, Sarah, and Nancy.

Remelts takes one or two weeklong backpacking trips each year, but had never attempted a hiking endeavor like this. One of his favorite backpacking locations, the Wind River Range, was on his 525-mile route, just south of Yellowstone National Park.

Since Nancy began exercising under the direction of Calvin students studying occupational and physical therapy, her health has improved greatly in the last few years, according to Remelts. Her improved health made this 34-day adventure possible. Since being married 40 years ago, the two have traveled to a different state or country each year to celebrate their anniversary, with the exception of Remelts’ first year working at Calvin. Health permitting, they will continue both their anniversary adventures and the fight against multiple sclerosis together.