Claire Mulder ’22 is an account manager at SxanPro, a company in Grand Rapids, Michigan, dedicated to supporting hospitals with inventory management.

What keeps you busy day-to-day?

I visit our partner hospitals to conduct annual inventories, introduce our technology, or roll out customized projects aimed at enhancing supply chain efficiency. This often means taking early morning flights (with coffee!), wearing scrubs, and visiting hospital basements. SxanPro purchases hospital overstock, so as part of my role, I generate fiscal values for and acquire those unused products. The process not only supports hospitals’ financial goals but also contributes to reducing medical waste. Last year, I also represented SxanPro at the Advancing Health Care through Supply Chain Excellence (AHRMM) conference, sharing our supply chain solutions and demonstrating our user-friendly technology to industry leaders. The event was an invaluable platform to discuss our role in refining supply chain management with clean data insights.

How did your life path lead to Calvin University?

I come from a long line of Knights: nine uncles and aunts, four grandparents, and both of my parents attended Calvin. It was always in the cards that I would choose Calvin.

What classes, professors, or campus life experiences had the greatest impact on your personal development?

A class and professor I truly enjoyed was Business Law (BUS 350) with Scott Rush in the Calvin University School of Business. Although I have no desire to be a lawyer, Professor Rush taught me that there is more than one way to achieve a successful career. Prospering in college academics does not always directly correlate to a flourishing career. I'm admittedly not the greatest test-taker and had to work harder at school than many of my peers, so it was personally inspiring to take a class with a professor who believed that a strong work ethic and transferable skills can carry just as much weight in the workforce as grades and intellect.

What advice would you give your high school self-based on what you now know about a career in business?

If I could give myself specific advice, I would have told myself to focus less on making money and to take the time as a student to learn how God has gifted me and what makes me feel fulfilled day-to-day. I came to Calvin looking for a profession that would provide financial stability. However, after a couple of internships in roles that paid well but did not fit my skill set or my passions, I learned the lesson that doing something you’re good at and enjoy will pay off long-term. Although I originally planned to earn a master of accounting degree, I later discovered what I wanted in a career aligned more with Calvin's MBA program. Ultimately, I secured my current job because I was willing to change course. Although it wasn't my original path, I look forward to going to work and feel like I make a real impact every day.