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Dance Guild is a noncompetitive medium through which students can use dance to create and foster supportive, inclusive Christian relationships as well as use the artistic expression of dance to glorify God and express JOY!

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Calvin’s Dance Guild was founded over 40 years ago and has grown to be the largest student organization on campus—with nearly 350 students participating! Every year, the Dance Guild puts on a fall and a spring show, each with more than 30+ dance pieces. The shows are staged in the Covenant Fine Arts Center to 2000-person sellout audiences.

Statement of Purpose: Dance Guild exists primarily to connect students of varying backgrounds-- cultural, dance experience, physical ability, etc.--with the common interest of dance. It allows trained dancers to continue dancing throughout their university experience as well as provide a safe environment through which new dancers can explore different levels and styles. An important aspect of the club is that it completely relies on students teaching each other in an inclusive and friendly learning environment.

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Cassandra Vander Well

Cassandra Vander Well

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