Sexual Assault

What Should I do if I am Sexually Assaulted?

How to Help a Friend Who Has Been Sexually Assaulted

Myths and Facts - Some common misconceptions—and correponding truths—about sexual assault.

Men & Sexual Assault - Sexual assault happens to men as well as to women. Some studies point to 5-10% of sexual assaults in the US to involve male victims. You are not alone. There is help for you.

Key Policies, Procedures and Reports

Calvin College prohibits sexually violent acts, termed “Sexual Misconduct” by the Calvin College student conduct code. Sexual misconduct is a broad category of sexual offenses which includes non-consensual sexual intercourse, non-consensual sexual contact, sexual exploitation, interpersonal relationship violence, sex/gender-based stalking and sexual harassment. For related Calvin specific policies, procedures, and reports follow the links below.

Student Conduct Code

Student Handbook

Safer Spaces Policy and Procedures to Address Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation

Annual Security Report (ASA)