Bathroom check-ups heading your way!

Residence Life and maintenance staff will check your suite bathroom in January. We partner together in this process to make sure your suite keeps up with cleaning responsibilities.

  • Why do we do bathroom checks?

    1. Health

    Cleaning your bathroom, and specifically your shower, prevents the growth of fungus and molds that cause health problems. For example, Athlete’s Foot and Ringworm fungi are not visible, but are present if anyone using the shower has them. Bacteria such as MRSA or Staph use hair and soap scum for food, and can remain viable for 3 days in moist environment. Molds that smell and look nasty can also cause illness for people who are sensitive, or can cause sensitivity over prolonged exposure. Illnesses from mold include upper respiratory infections, sinus issues and headaches.

    2. Stewardship

    Molds and mildews that go unchecked in bathrooms and showers will degrade caulk and grout more quickly, which result in leaks and added expenses for cleaning and repairs.

    3. Hospitality

    The bathrooms in the residence halls and apartments are truly shared spaces. Not only are health concerns a matter of hospitality, but simple respect and courtesy for each other should call us to regular patterns of cleaning. This happens best when there is good communication between roommates and suitemates. In addition, when Calvin’s maintenance staff needs to repair something in a bathroom during the year, it is more considerate to them to be working in a clean environment.

    4. Self-management

    Let’s face it...we’ll be cleaning our bathrooms and showers for the rest of our lives. Establishing good habits and practices while you’re in college will pay dividends throughout life. Whether its sleep, cleanliness, healthy eating, consistent studying, worship or prayer, your life as a student improves with self-discipline.

  • What you need to do

    Clean your bathroom. Remember all cleaning supply bottles can be found in the supply closet of your floor. Empty bottles should be brought down to the main cleaning closet off the lobby to be refilled. Be in conversation with roommates and suitemates about sharing the workload and maintaining regular patterns of cleaning.

  • How you pass the check-up

    We will come through at designated times (to be posted in your hall) and inspect your bathroom. We'll leave behind a yellow card with the results of the check. If you don't pass, the card will have specifics on what you need to do, and we'll return within 48 hours to make sure it's spotless.