Intentional Community Ideas

We are called to live in community. This site provides resources and ideas for you about creating an intentional community wherever you live. We also want you to investigate how you can implement new ways of living into your living situations, in order to make your community stronger, both inside and outside of your homes.

What makes a group a true community?

Sheldon Berman says, “A community is a group of people who acknowledge their common purpose, respect their differences, share in group decision making as well as in responsibility for the actions of the group, and support each other’s growth.”

3 Simple Steps to Live More Intentionally

  • 1. Living life together
    • Plan a house Bible study or accountability group
    • Plan house activities (e.g. game night, TV show night, get-togethers)
    • Make a chore schedule
    • Consider naming your community
    • Have a quote board
    • Celebrate things together
    • Start a new tradition
    • Plan weekly meals
    • Develop a staple list for common foods and pick favorite house recipes
  • 2. Understanding Life Together
    • Determine a way to deal with conflict
    • Make sure that everyone has a common understanding of eachother
    • Work with your roommates and talk about house expectations
    • Establish house rules
    • Discuss key virtues and values that your house will uphold
    • Make sure that all housemates have a clear goal and vision for the house
  • 3. Being Neighborly Together
    • Introduce yourself to the people who live around you
    • Be considerate when parking your car
    • Take care of grass, snow, leaves
    • Plan an open house for your neighbors
    • Spend time outside your house on your porch or deck
    • Bake cookies for your neighbors
    • Volunteer in your community