Are you looking to live off-campus and rent or lease? The links below are designed to assist eligible students in finding a rental property. Anyone interesting in posting on any of these sites may do so, subject to each site's specific terms of use.

Note: The organizations listed above are not affiliated with Calvin University. No representative of the university has verified the accuracy of any listings, nor the advisability of living in any location listed. Providing links to these listing services does not imply an endorsement. The university will not intervene in any off-campus housing disputes that may occur between tenant and landlord.

Is renting/leasing confusing? Is this your first time doing something like this? Should you purchase renter's insurance or are you covered under your parents' home owner's policy? If you have these or other questions here is a helpful resource for you, particularly if this is your first time renting/leasing: Tips for Renting First Apartment.